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"BYMBE" Project

The project aims to create instruments to support social workers, teachers and trainers, in their work for bringing young mothers at the age between 15 and 25 years, to go back to education.


  • To adapt and promote good practices of support for young mothers for going back to school or in employment in Europe.
  • To develop innovative outreach strategy and motivational campaign for awareness raising on the issue of early school leaving of young mothers.
  • To support social workers and trainers by provision of additional tools, knowledge and skills for their work with young mothers.
  • To develop holistic support instruments for young mothers, including counseling, training and peer-groups
  • To disseminate project results and raise awareness about the problem of early school leaving of young mothers and how to address it.

  • Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers - Download in EN
  • Development of a Handbook for Outreach Awareness and Motivation Strategies Download the Handbook
  • Creation of a set of Intervention Methods to involve Young Mothers Download the Handbook
  • Delivery of training addressed to Social workers/Teachers Trainers
  • Implementation of pilot trainings young mothers who are expected to re-enter education.
  • Elaboration of a BYMBE Orientation Pack Download the Handbook
  • Design of a BYMBE Empowerment Pack Download the Handbook
  • Design of a BYMBE Support Pack

  • Created a holistic awareness campaign of education need and a support package for young mothers in need to finalize their education.
  • Improved the opportunities in professional and social life of young mothers by enabling them to finalize their professional education, having their own job, earning their own money, be independent from social welfare.
  • Provision of effective career guidance and orientation to young mothers and prevention and reduction of Youth Unemployment.
  • Improvement of the knowhow and awareness of Social workers/Teachers Trainers working with the young mothers about how to support them in the best holistic way.
  • Raised the awareness of stakeholders and general public about the importance of professional education for girls in order to assure their own economic safety.

  • Frauen im Brennpunkt (Austria, coordinator);
  • Bimec (Bulgaria);
  • EHI – Exchange House Ireland (Ireland);
  • Social Innovation Fund (Lithuania);
  • Magenta Consultoría Projects S.L.U. (Spain);
  • CESIE (Italy).

Project website:


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