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Company courses

What are we doing: Since 2007 our focus has been on improving the skills, knowledge and competencies of adult people.

Why are we doing it: We acknowledge that in the fast-changing world today, we all (both people and businesses) need to upgrade ourselves constantly in order to remain competitive. Bimec and its amazing training team can assist you in that quest.

Our tools: Besides being experts in the field of training, our training team has also been trained in the field of adult training. Often our experts would also be certified trainers of adults. According to our beliefs we constantly upgrade our knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of training. We apply in our trainings most modern training methods. We always focus on choosing the most effective training methods in respect to the training goals and the group that is being trained.
We focus on the training goals, the training results and the practical application and benefit for every person attending. We also offer a few levels of control and evaluation of the training results that may go as far as 3 months after the training.

We deliver in-company and open trainings for adults in the following fields:
  1. Personal Development: Communication skills; Presentation skills; Time and Stress Management; Assertive Bahaviour; Problem Solving and Decision Making
  2. Customer Service and Sales: Customer Service (face-to-face, phone, chat, s.o.); Customer Relationship Management; Sales Skills; B2B Sales; Sales Management; How to make the most out of our attendance at a B2B Trade Fair
  3. Business: Successful Negotiations; Business Ethiquette and Behaviour; Business Communication and Correspondence; B2B Marketing; Understanding Financial Matters
  4. Management and Leadership: Project Management; Change Management; Management Skills (for middle managers and line managers); Leadership Skills; Effective Teamwork
  5. Customer specific topics by request
  6. Innovative workshops moderation: Creating the Future; World Café; Value Proposition Development
  7. Team-buildings organization
Most of our trainers speak perfect English and some of them French or German. We already have experience delivering trainings in English.

Contact us at:
telephone: 00359 885049557

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