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Happiness Academy

is a project of Bimec and Crystal Water

What are the characteristics of a happy life? This is certainly one of the most frequently asked and most important questions in our lives since the time of our ancestors. Buddha leaves his kingdom in search of happiness. Fortunately, in the last 10-15 years, scientists have explored the subject of happiness, and we already have a better scientific idea of ​​what we need to have a happy life.

Happiness Academy courses develop the ability to be happy by combining recent discoveries from various fields of science, including psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral theory, to offer a tried and tested recipe for a life of meaning and happiness.

We offer courses based on the work of Professor Raj Raghunathan:
  • "Building a leadership style that helps increase team happiness and productivity."
  • "Happiness at Work"
  • "A life filled with happiness and satisfaction"
  • Teambuilding "The Happy Team"
For more information, please visit the Happiness Academy website:

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